See Man Who Claims To Be The Right Candidate For Ogun State House Of Assembly (Ijebu N. 1 Constituency — Could He Be The Man Ijebu People Have Been Praying For (Read More)

He goes by the name SHITTU ADEDAYO, a well educated indigine of Ijebu Igbo.

He’s compelled by reason necessity to work with his constituency to provide/facilitate:


(1) Immediate house-to-house Needs assessment and collation of registers, with focus on The poor, widows, unemployed, destitute and sick.
This assessment registers will serve as rallying point in calling for the goverment’s intervention in the identified areas.

(2) Quaterly Medical outreach within the constituency, in collaboration with both local and state health agencies to bring great relieve to the health burden of the poor and less privileged.


(1) Encouragement and development of Small and Medium scale Enterprises through innovation and skill acquisition development.
We hope to raise 100 start up enterprise in 2years.

(2) Pilot Scholarship programme for selected brilliant and promising secondary school pupil within the constituency with assistance from the local government and private enterprise within the constituency.


1.) Value re-orientation and Evidence-Based Representation (EBR). Most of our legislators have a “disconnect” with the people they claim to represent. I will bridge the gap between my people are legislative functions and demand of my office.

Political education and awareness raise for the grassroots to understand that “failed followership” breeds “failed leadership” I will stimulate the people to be sensitive and responsive to their part of SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. ….It has TWO SIDES

A. Demand Side of Accountability and

B. Supply Side of Accountability.

The governed MUST ASK the government…..

2.) Policy influencing and good governance.

Participatory NEEDS ASSESSMENT using BOTTOM UP Approach. Policy/legislative interventions would be tailored towards the needs of my constituency.

On good governance, I will also leverage on my cycle of influence to enhance entrepreneurial skills and funds for sustainable jobs that will create WEALTH AT LOCAL LEVEL. …
Campaign for Stronger Institutions of government and total obedience to the Rule of Law.

(3) Constituency participation and feedback mechanisms through town hall meetings, trade platform, and social media connect.

(4) Human, skill and Capital development through training and re-training programmes to constituents. This will be a major pivot and part of the focus of my constituency project… And many more

With all these, do you think this man is too much of a Savior? Could he be the man Ijebu have been praying for?


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